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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Me : * still slacking waiting the time passes >.> *
Sister : Arrrghh I need help )): I hate history . I dont want memorize those islamic  .
Me : * looks at her * uhm ? why ? exam soon ?
Sister : yeaaa Next monday daang it , few days more .
Me : * shocks & looks at the calendar * What The HECK ?! 5th now ? I'm going to start my new sem at next monday too !!

- It's because I never check the date & day thats why I know nothing OxO -

Apparently , 4 days more for the new classes , new semester , new syllabus , new lecturers tutors .
I'm the senior of Juniors now OuO''
Lots of them are studying at tarc .
But still , I dont feel like schooling yet . 
I know right , being bored at home is better to get the new sem starts as soon as possible so that the spider web will be stop growing .
I just simply feel lazy on studies /.\ 
My stuffs havent done packing yet . My wardrobe , My room , My books 
OMFG - - I wonder what did I done during this sem break .
Okay forget it .

Time table is finally out and it sucks .
We'll be having classes from monday until friday & tuesday only come for lecture just for two hours LOL
so i guess we will combine to thursday then we can take ourselves off on every tuesday peacee =)

Anyway thats it .
Not much updates actually .
Bye peeps :)
Sorry for my blog has been dead for a week and more D':
And my Facebook is about to ditch soon :/


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